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Most Helpful Apps for Students

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Getting Stuff Done Quickly - Without A Fast Car

Not driving to school? Here are some great apps you can use to structure your day - even while commuting.

By The Editors

Thu, Jan 4, 2024 06:36 PM PST

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Students often face the daunting task of juggling multiple academic tasks at once, from attending lectures and assignments to exam preparation. Technology has come to their aid by offering numerous apps designed to increase productivity and accelerate the learning process. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the best student apps, covering multiple aspects of student life, including one resource dedicated exclusively to law essay writing help. Apps that help manage time efficiently:

Forest: Stay Focused

Time management is integral to academic success, and the Forest app offers an innovative solution. Users commit to staying on task by planting a virtual tree with a timer set on it; any time they leave to check social media or other distractions, the tree withers away as visual evidence of productivity encourages students to stay centered during study sessions.

Trello Is a Versatile Project Management App

Trello is an adaptable project management app designed to help students visualize and organize their tasks visually. Users can use boards, lists, cards, and prioritize lists to map out assignments, deadlines, and priorities with ease - as well as collaborate with peers using this powerful collaborative platform, allowing efficient task management across group projects and efficiently running tasks efficiently.

Note-taking apps are great tools for taking notes on the go, whether in tablet form or smartphones.

Evernote Is an All-in-One Note-Taking Hub

Evernote is an innovative note-taking app that goes far beyond simple text notes. Students can add images, audio recordings and files directly into their notes for quick retrieval later. Plus with text recognition features available to search quickly for specific information.

Notion: Create Your Workspace

Notion is an adaptable workspace that allows students to customize databases, to-do lists and note pages according to individual learning styles - making it the go-to application for those seeking a customized note taking experience.

Study Aid Apps are also available.

Quizlet: Master Your Material

Quizlet is an efficient platform for creating flashcards and quizzes to aid study. Users can access an extensive library of pre-made cards or create their own sets, while spaced repetition helps reinforce learning by strategically timing the review of material - making Quizlet an indispensable study partner.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides video tutorials and practice exercises across multiple subjects - mathematics, science, and law alike! Students can benefit from its structured learning environment which enables students to grasp concepts at their own pace.

Productivity Apps


Increase Concentration Focus@Will is designed to boost focus and productivity with music scientifically proven to boost concentration. Offering multiple genres and personalized settings, this app makes a perfect study space.

Todoist: Your Task Manager

Todoist is an exceptional task management app designed to keep students organized. By offering features like project categorization, due dates, and priority levels - Todoist ensures no important assignments go forgotten about! Integration with other apps and platforms further extends its functionality.

Specialized Assistance Apps are now available.

Grammarly: Polish Your Writing

Effective communication is vital in academia, and Grammarly offers students a way to perfect their writing. Going beyond basic spell-checking capabilities, this app offers suggestions for grammar, punctuation, and style improvements - providing invaluable assistance when creating compelling essays and assignments.

Professional Assistance

When faced with the challenge of law essay writing, seeking expert assistance can make an enormous difference. Law essay writing service employs legal specialists with the expertise to produce high-quality and well-researched essays for their customers - providing invaluable support when grappling with complex concepts or tight deadlines.

Virtual study sessions and group projects are becoming more prevalent, making team-oriented apps essential to teamwork.

Google Workspace: Collaborate Seamlessly

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace offers a suite of tools such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which allow real-time collaboration, allowing students to work simultaneously from multiple locations on projects simultaneously with real-time comments and edits visible instantly for efficient document sharing and teamwork.

Slack to Simplify Collaboration

Communication is at the core of successful collaboration, and Slack excels in this regard. By creating individual channels for different subjects or projects, students can exchange ideas, share files, and stay in contact with group members while Slack's user-friendly interface ensures important messages don't become lost among endless email threads.

Navigating the sea of online resources requires careful thought, and students may benefit from apps designed to aid research and information gathering.

Zotero: Master Your References

Zotero is an efficient citation management tool, offering students a quick and effortless way to organize and cite sources. Utilizing browser extensions and an intuitive user interface, this application streamlines bibliographies for academic papers to meet stringent citation standards.

As students strive for academic excellence, it's essential that they recognize the role technology can play in creating an optimal learning environment. From time management and collaboration to accessing specialized assistance services, appropriate apps can make a significant difference in students' academic journeys.


Students often require help managing the demands of academic life, so apps are invaluable tools for staying organized, focused, and efficient. From time management and note-taking to tutoring services and more specialized help for law essay writing complexities, app-based tools offer something suitable to every student. Plus, embracing apps makes the academic journey manageable yet rewarding!

This article was compiled by the editors of LACar.

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