Discover Los Angeles

See new parts of this giant town we call home.

Discover L.A. is meant to be a guidebook of sorts - a collection of day-long trips to explore places in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Each route includes a map, a bunch of waypoints, and relatively in-depth reporting on the area you'll be traveling through. Routes may traverse historic landmarks in the region or a collection of classic restaurants - or maybe an eclectic combination of both, with a couple of interesting shops woven in for good measure.

These routes are all "nickel tours" that a particular author takes visitors, family, and friends on to show them a certain part of Southern California. Since we're car-folks there's often some kind of car-twist to the route... Not so that it get's in the way of your journey - more as a sprinkle of car culture - we are, after all, Los Angeles Car Culture Ground Zero.

Have a route that you always take visitors on? Let us know so we can share it with the masses!

A orange Chevrolet Trailblazer, parked on the side of the Route 395 by a sign pointing towards Manzanar.

Explore The Eastern Sierra Along Route 395

Chinatown in Los Angeles

Los Angeles' Chinese Americana

photo of South Broadway in the Theater District of Los Angeles.

A Tour Of Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA)

palm trees with a pink sky as the backdrop.

Explore Unique Spots In Newport Beach

Los Angeles Freeway overpass.

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