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2021 Moke America Electric LSV

Moke Vehicle Lineup Bert's Mega Mall

Is it a Jeep? A golf cart? How about a little bit of both.

A Moke is essentially a street-legal golf cart that grew up, which is perfect for getting around short distances. And that’s exactly why you should get one.

By Reed Berry

Thu, Feb 18, 2021 08:04 AM PST

Get ready for a wild ride!

Well, not exactly wild because the vehicle I’m driving has a top speed of only 25 miles per hour but, if you’re looking for a super fun around-town electric vehicle, this may be the perfect ride for you.

Grab a few friends and hit the road in the 2021 Moke America Electric LSV, a street (but not freeway) legal electric vehicle that seats four and comes in a variety of fun colors. In fact, if you don't have three friends to bring along you probably won't have any trouble making some new ones when they see you driving a colorful, eye catching Moke.

Camo Moke

While it may not be the fastest vehicle on the road, it sure looks like fun. I’ve been anxious to get behind the wheel of a Moke. In some beach communities and resort areas, you will see people riding around in golf carts. While that is one way to get around, there’s nothing particularly fun about riding in a golf cart. Riding in a Moke, however, makes low-speed travel cool and fun!

Moke is not a new vehicle. In fact, it has a rather interesting history. In the late 1950s, the British Army asked the British Motor Corporation to design a lightweight military vehicle that could be dropped by parachute. Military officials were unimpressed with the prototype that was presented so, in the early 1960s, they introduced an improved military “Mini Moke." For a variety of reasons, it was still a no-go with the British Military, so BMC decided to commercialize a civilian version of the Moke, which debuted in 1964.

Hot pink Moke


Over the years, various versions of the Moke have been produced around the world but, in 1993, production of the Moke ceased. In 2018, the concept was revived with a new Moke vehicle that retained the look and feel of the original, while integrating important elements of modern day automotive technology. Moke America has redesigned the car to be bigger, wider and stronger.

You can order a Moke online, personalized to your liking, and it will be ready to ship to you approximately 90 days later. There are also Moke dealerships at which you can see this unique vehicle up-close before you buy. I am visiting the Los Angeles area Moke dealership, Bert’s Mega Mall in West Covina.

One of many statues at Bert’s Mega Mall


This is my first visit to Bert’s Mega Mall and I am highly impressed. Billed as the "World’s Largest Power Sports Showroom," there is so much to see here, including life-size figures from classic motion pictures throughout the showroom. Whether you're looking for a motorcycle, scooter, boat, jet ski or even a UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle,) you'll definitely find it here. And, of course, the reason for my visit today is to check out their awesome selection of Mokes, as well as taking one for a spin.

The available colors certainly have eye appeal. There are 10 solid colors available and, if you pop an extra $1K, you can get it in camo. They have a striking hot pink Moke with white interior, which would probably make the driver feel like a real-life Barbie doll. Another Moke here in the showroom has been customized in a gorgeous Hawaiian motif.

Hawaiian-styled Moke


Enough looking -- time for driving. As I jump into the Moke (literally, because there are no doors,) I find the seating to be quite comfortable and the sound system does a good job of blasting the tunes. As I pull away from the dealership onto the streets of West Covina, I’m definitely getting some looks. Acceleration is satisfactory and the Moke corners confidently. The steering seems a bit soft but, for a low-speed vehicle designed for around town trips, it’s not really a major concern.

I love the open-air feel as I’m driving. It’s a sunny day with a slight breeze, which makes for a perfect road test in a vehicle such as this. Lowering the volume on the sound system, I hear absolutely nothing because, as mentioned, the Moke is an electric vehicle, providing a smooth, quiet, zen-like driving experience.

Another plus is that there is no special charging equipment required. The Moke can be charged using any available 110-volt outlet. A full charge takes approximately eight hours, so simply plug it in overnight and you’ll be ready to hit the road again the next day. A full charge will take you approximately 40 miles.

The interior of a Moke features a sound system and a backup camera!


At first glance, you may think the Moke is a pretty basic no-frills vehicle. Actually, it has an impressive array of features, including steel construction, front-wheel drive and a back-up camera. The Moke has 14-inch tires with a spare, trunk space and a stereo system with USB port. A premium sound system is available. And, although I didn’t test it during my drive, the Moke has a heavy-duty steel roll bar.

If you want to be really cool and don’t mind spending a little extra to do it, order the “San Monique” Moke, a special limited edition that pays homage to the world of James Bond. Similar to the one seen driven by James Bond in the film “Live and Let Die,” this great looking vehicle features the iconic 007 logo and special San Monique artwork created specifically for the movie. It also has a variety of exclusive features, including a blue and white striped Bimini top, white rims, wood steering wheel and gear shift, plus a Bluetooth stereo system.

“San Monique” Moke. Photo courtesy of Moke America


Is driving the Moke as much fun as I thought it would be? Yes! If I lived at the beach, or had a villa down in Palm Springs, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a Moke, as it would be perfect, and certainly quite practical, for such areas. If a low speed vehicle of this type fits your lifestyle, you may wish to take a closer look at Moke. The base price for the Moke is $19,475 and can be customized to your liking with optional features. The 007 San Monique Edition Moke rolls into your driveway for $26,975.00.

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