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red Porsche parked outside of the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles during the 5th anniversary event.

The Porsche Experience Center In Los Angeles Is Celebrating Five Years.

Los Angeles has embraced the Porsche brand since day one. It was no surprise that an enthusiastic crowd was on hand to enjoy all things Porsche.

By Roger Lundblad

Wed, Dec 8, 2021 01:37 PM PST

It came as no surprise when, at the 2011 LA Auto Show, Porsche announced its plans to construct the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles - adjacent to the 405 freeway in Carson, CA. Five years to the day, the Porsche Experience Center Los Angles - a fifty-three acre facility built at a cost of $60 million - opened its doors to the public. 220,919 visitors later, The Porsche Experience Center LA celebrated its 5th anniversary on Saturday November 13.

the parking lot by the track at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angels - with multiple Porsches lined up.
The Porsche Experience Center

Porsche offered high performance demonstrations laps as well as their usual coach and driver options. For the true Porsche stalwart, it’s the perennial 911 that sets the pace. Come what may in our electrified future, the 911 will remain the beating heart of Porsche.

An informal gathering of 911’s dotted the parking lot as well as a cluster of 356’s. By late morning, a sizable crowd was on hand to view various 911’s with both track and street pedigrees. The adjoining Porsche Motorsport North America opened its doors where it hosted a series of interviews. Conducting the interviews was noted author and photographer Randy Leffingwell - his in-depth knowledge of Porsche was fully utilized during the interviews.

interior of the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles
The ground floor features a café with outdoor seating facing the track. There is a fully stocked gift store, as well.

Porsche offers its customers a service for those who prefer to order off menu. Their ‘wish list’ program gives buyers the opportunity to customize their Porsche with personal paint, leather, gauges, and trim choices. The result is a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Exclusivity doesn’t stop in the paint shop. Upstairs, the Porsche Experience Center offers a plush lounge, a large banquet room, and a restaurant named 917. This beautifully designed room overlooking the circuits gives new meaning to Porsche Luxury - and the restaurant’s wine list says it all.

patio overlooking the paddock at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles
The patio has a view to die for.

It is the behind the wheel thrill that takes center stage at the Porsche Experience Center. Beginning with the wide-open throttle, foot to the floor, the 911 seizes your brain like no other car. The hallowed flat-six, honed over decades, screams for more. The motor is at your beck and call.  Push it, even flog it, it continues to beg for more. With the best steering and braking this side of Valhalla, the Porsche Experience is like no other.

image of the 5th anniversary event at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles, with mutable attendees standing around.
The Porsche Experience Center's 5th anniversary was well-attended.

If improving your racing skills is desired, that can be delivered. For Porsche owners who wish to delve deeper into their car’s performance envelope, you’re at the right place - driving options include low-friction surfaces that simulate wet and icy conditions. The Porsche Experience Center has left nothing to chance.

a couple of classic Porsches lined up in the parking lot outside of the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles.
The anniversary brought about quite the collection of new and classic Porsches.

The day was a testament to Porsche’s acknowledgement that the greater Los Angeles area is - and always will be - of vital importance to the Porsche Brand.

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Roger Lundblad

Roger Lundblad is a retired TV/Movie scenic designer, and a fully-accredited Porsche nut. He’s also a very accomplished photographer, who lives for those great golden light shots of exotic cars wherever in the world that he comes upon them. Splitting his time pretty equally between the Monterey Peninsula and Pasadena, he gets his share of those sightings...

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