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What might look like a trail-blazing Porsche to the untrained eye is actually much more. Introducing the RUF Rodeo Concept.

By The Editors

Mon, Mar 9, 2020 03:14 PM PST

First off, this is not a Porsche 911. Well, of course it isn’t. The thing has mud tires. While the exterior style and rear-mounted flat-six engine are based off a 911, the carbon fiber chassis is RUF’s. Thanks to a legendary pedigree (Google ‘RUF Yellowbird’), the German company has a reputation for creating mechanical monsters based off the looks of Porsche. But this new Rodeo Concept is RUF’s design.

a shovel attached to a RUF Rodeo Concept
Now there's a fun detail if there ever was one.

Safari cars seem to be growing in popularity again, with many rally-style 911’s popping up at car shows around the country. RUF seems to be capitalizing on this surge of interest, and this newest concept looks capable in any terrain. Rally lights, knobby tires, long-travelling suspension, a roof rack and even a trunk-mounted shovel complete the aesthetic of the Rodeo Concept. Inside, the seats have a gorgeous textile design. RUF’s carbon-fiber monocoque chassis makes an appearance and is accompanied by a four-wheel drive system.

interior shot of a RUF Rodeo Concept car, featuring the drivers chair with a tan leather.
Interesting choice of colors... We like it, but it's interesting.

“When we began building our own automobiles it was all for the thrill of the drive,” said Estonia Ruf, marketing director of RUF Automobile GmbH. “The Rodeo Concept combines that passion for cars with the love of western culture – an appreciation I found while studying in Oklahoma, USA. This car is inspired by some of our favorite people and our love for the countryside.”

front of a RUF Rodeo Concept with extra lights and off-road details.
OK, so the "tow-rope" is cute and all, but I don't know if I would ever use it... Walmart has better options.

While RUF hasn’t said if the Rodeo will go into production, this concept will likely be a feeler for things to come. We’re sure an all-wheel drive model with the carbon fiber monocoque frame is likely on the horizon.

This article was compiled by the editors of LACar.

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