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Win One-of-a-kind Shelby GT500

front of a blue with white stripes Ford Shelby GT500

The Shelby name is more magical than ever and this cause is a good one.  

Enter Today and You Could Win this Awesome 1-of-1 2022 Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition and $25,000 Cash!

By Doug Stokes

Wed, Jan 19, 2022 11:28 AM PST

LACar is not officially affiliated with this event/lottery - but we do have a promo code for our readers. Read on...

Better odds than the SuperMegaColossalMillionsWowser Lottery or $5,000 a week from four (desperately enthusiastic) people holding balloons, flower,s and a banner mentioning something about “Clearing Houses” (whatever that is) - this is a car that you would not be able to buy even if you scored the big banana anyway... It's really something of a one-of-a-kind, thank you very much, very special lottery prize.

I’ll let the copywriters astound you with the specs on this one, but will tell you that it is every bit as cool, hot, fast, lithe, and honestly a whole heck of a lot more unique (there ain’t but one of this one … period) than anything that you could buy with the above loot.

the press-release on the GT500 lottery
The official information from the organizers.

And speaking of loot, this one (when you win) comes with $25,000 to pay taxes and traffic tickets, which is a good idea with a Pony that gallops along on 760 horsepower. And about that power, this special/trick engine has a “flat plane crank” which sounds innocent enough … until one puts brogue to the gas pedal with any sort of enthusiasm, then the sound of this one is something that can bring tears to the eyes of grown men and make children very agitated.

the rear of the Ford Shelby GT500
2022 Shelby GT500

Best of all, all of the many modifications on this one were carried out by the company (Ford) itself - by their engineers. So they are not only done right, but done with great care and expertise. This is a (not so) thinly-disguised racing car that won’t beat you up but will get you here and there with a high degree of alacrity.

And contrary to all subtly, no matter where one wanders, the owner of this one will never see him or herself coming the other way … ever. The Shelby name is more magical than ever and this cause is a good one.

the front of the Shelby GT500, blue with white stripes.
The GT500 is quite the impressive machine.

Please note that LACar visitors get bonus tickets just for reading about this offer on our site - use promo code: "LACAR" (better yet, use the attached link and you'll be ready to go with the promo). And, as if that wasn't enough, here’s one more incentive: If an LACar reader is the winner of this snazzy/super machine - let us know and you'll have your photo (with your new pony) on the opening page of this site for a full fortnight. Stardom at last!

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