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The Japanese Classic Car Show

overview of the 2023 JCCS

A Return to a Classic Car Show - 18th Annual JCCS

The 18th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach on October 7th had a little bit of something for everyone.

By Roseanne Murphy

Sat, Oct 21, 2023 06:39 PM PST

Photos by Roseanne Murphy and Jason Hight

With more than 500 cars and more than 70 vendors, this event focused on pre-1995 manufactured Japanese brand vehicles. Participants were treated to vehicles once commonly seen on the streets 30 years ago as well as more rare vehicles only recently allowed for import to the US.

overview of the 2023 JCCS
Beautiful day at the 18th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach.

The pictures tell the story of the vehicles – kei class vehicles so small that it is hard to imagine them on the road next to modern day SUVs, mini-pickups, sports cars, race cars, off-roaders, family sedans, survivor cars lovingly kept in original condition proudly showing their daily driver status scars, heavily modified and customized show pieces, as well as fully restored pristine examples of some of the most rare of Japanese models.

people browsing the cars at the 18th annual JCCS
Young and old, all are welcome at the JCCS.

High attendance car shows are definitely making their comeback after a necessary lull during the pandemic, and the long lines of enthusiastic attendees waiting to enter the show at Marina Green Park on a pleasant SoCal Saturday morning definitely proved this true. Vendors like HW Racing brought out their 5 lane diecast race track to the delight of adults and kids alike. The Petersen museum participated with a specially-coated car and dry-erase markers for all to try out their artistic skills and decorate the car. T-shirts, hot-wheels, aftermarket and OEM parts, custom artwork, and memorabilia were all available to attendees looking for just the right find. Food trucks dotted vendor alley while major manufacturers like Mazda, Toyota, and Nissan brought out a few newer production cars as well as exhibits featuring race cars. Participants enjoyed the view, the sun, and even a nap under a canopy in their favorite environment surrounded by auto enthusiasts and their cars.

a car with scribbles on it, at the 18th annual JCCS
The Petersen "color on it" car

Judges who made their way through the cars on display were faced with the difficult decision of awarding trophies to the various classes at the end of the day. Not an easy job, but we overheard one judge comment to a visitor that he looks forward to this show every year, and preparations for the 19th annual show will get underway immediately after the close of this year's show. We look forward to it too.

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