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Riverside - Volume Two

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Riverside Raceway Remembered In 1,043 Pages

Frequent LACar contributor, Dave Wolin’s Two Volume Riverside history encompasses all that went on at the icon of Southern California racing, Riverside International Raceway.

By The Editors

Thu, Dec 15, 2022 07:13 PM PST

Featured photo credit: Racing History Project

Written in scrapbook style with lots of photos and newspaper articles, the books (both volume 1 and 2) are full of quotes and stories from those who were there.

Wolin’s 484-page Volume One covers the construction and early races, Carroll Shelby winning followed by Dan Gurney, the US Road Racing Championship, the Can Am, Formula One (bet you didn’t know they ran at Riverside), J.C. Agajanian’s three day weekend – 500 miles for stock cars, sprint cars and midgets, Formula 500, Indy Cars, IMSA and Karts.

An entire chapter features all the crooks and criminals that populated racing back in the day.

image from the old days of racing in Riverside
Image from the book (credit: Racing History Project)

Volume Two, another 550 pages, covers stock car races, more of these than anything else at Riverside plus the Trans Am, the International Race of Champions (the IROC series), Off Road Racing, Drag Racing, Motorcycle Racing, and the SCCA races and workers that kept it all together. There’s even a whole chapter on movies filmed there and other interesting non-racing events.

Both books come with DVD’s that contain all the photos used in the books and more, videos and complete newspaper and magazine articles.

checkered flab held from a racing car in Riverside
Image from the book (credit: Racing History Project)

Check out a video preview of what's in the book, and go to Racing History Project's website to purchase the self-published book.

This article was compiled by the editors of LACar.

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