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Mother’s Day Gifts for Car Loving Moms in 2021

Great Father’s Day Gifts For The Car Loving Dad

a garage sign on the roof of a rustic workshop, with a rusty car in the foreground.

Socks and a tie? No, please no!

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Rather than getting him the usual socks, tie, or a cheesy grill apron, get him something he really wants, and will actually use. Hare are 10 perfect Father’s Day gifts for your car-loving dad.

By The Editors

Thu, Jun 17, 2021 10:00 AM PST

Save your dad from the annual ‘smile-because-he-got-more-socks’ situation this Father’s Day. There’s plenty of gifts out there to stir up his inner car lover. Car gifts can give your dad a flashback to the past, a sense of youthful excitement, practical use, or a combination of the three. Get your dad something he’ll show off to everyone who visits. And if there’s one thing dads like more than sale prices, its free stuff. So be the Summer Santa for your old man, we’ve got some good gifts in this list.

10) Ford v Ferrari ($4.49-$11.49)

While there might not be epic explosions and Rambo style action, your dad will still love this movie. Jam-packed with adrenaline fueled by roaring racecars and passionate drivers, Ford v Ferrari is a must-watch for anyone with even the slightest inkling of interest towards cars. Christian Bale and Matt Damon top the star-studded cast, which covers the racing saga between Ford and Ferrari in the late 1960’s at Le Mans. Get some of your dad’s favorite snacks and drinks and enjoy the show.

9) Custom Garage Sign (Starting at $18)

A custom garage sign hanging on a rustic house with a rusted out car beside.
Custom garage signs might be a nice addition to that old shed he spends his days in.

Dads take pride in their garages. It’s the haven for their tools and toys. Get him a personalized sign that announces his domain. Etsy has a wide range of designs for you to express your creativity, with all sorts of vintage and modern styles. And most of them won’t hurt your wallet.

8) Elon’s Musk Air Freshener ($29.99)

Elon's Musk Air Freshener
Elon's Musk Air Freshener - a musk for every Tesla.

If your dad is at all geeky or fascinated with technological progress, I’ll bet he wouldn’t mind hanging out with Elon himself. Unfortunately, that’s a stretch. However, we found the next best thing: Mr. Musk’s head. Elon’s Musk Air Fresheners dangle from anywhere in your car, and the scent is described as ‘high notes of vegan leather, and low notes of rocket fuel.’ Maybe you’ll be inspired to build a spaceship too.

GOOLOO Jump Starter from Amazon
GOOLOO Jump Starter from Amazon

7) Portable Jump Starter ($69.99)

Your dad might seem like a car wizard, able to fix something with a couple of clanks from a tool. But no matter what you think, he can’t jump your car with his bare hands. Give him something to bolster his tool arsenal: a personal jump starter. The little device charges in 5 hours and can hold it for up to three months! Definitely something handy to have around.

6) Pratt and Hart Driving Gloves ($28.95)

Driving Gloves are a timeless, classy addition for any car enthusiast. The Pratt and Hart Driving Gloves are a great value that won’t break the bank. The leather grants the driver protection from a hot steering wheel, while allowing for greater grip and handling. Driving gloves also improve your wave game tenfold.

LeeKooLoo backup camera and monitor kit from Amazon
LeeKooLoo backup camera and monitor kit from Amazon.

5) Backup Camera ($39.99)

“Eh, I just use my mirrors.” We’ve heard that time and time again from our dads, but just wait till he uses a backup camera for the first time. They’re especially useful for trailering and backing out of tight spots. This one on Amazon is easy to install and has a fantastic camera lens system that’s reasonably priced. Save your dad a fender bender and add this to your basket!

4) WeatherTech FloorLiner (Starting at $59.95)

Floor mats are extremely valuable, especially for hard-working dads. WeatherTech makes some of the best, and they can be sized to fit any vehicle. Whether its mud, snow, or water, protect your dad’s car/truck for an easy clean and durable feel.

3) Tile Pro ($34.99)

photo of the Tile Pro from Amazon
Did you lose your keys? Not this guy! Tile Pro as seen on Amazon.

Dads lose their keys just like the rest of us. By using Bluetooth, the Tile Pro can be attached right to the key ring to be easily located on a smartphone. Lost your phone? Push the Tile Pro twice to automatically make your phone ring. Your dad will really appreciate this, especially if he has toolbox keys. Definitely don’t want to lose those.

2) 4 Door Sport Utility Grill ($424.95)

Four teenagers sitting around a sheet metal grill that looks like a Jeep Wrangler
This might be the most expensive gift on the list, but probably also the gift with the biggest "wow"-factor. Designed by Metal Art of Wisconsin

A what? This is a real conversation starter. Get your dad a hand-built, hot rolled steel grill that looks just like a mini off-roader. This piece is a combo grill/fire pit and is perfect for those evening summer cookouts. Grill right on the roof or the hood, and then open them up for a roaring fire. Custom painting or Powder Coating is also available.

1) Quality Time (Free)

A gift doesn’t have to be a material item - memories are just as impactful. When was the last time you caught up with your old man? Go hang out in the garage with some classic rock blaring, bring some grub and drinks for an impromptu weekend cookout, wash up the car and go for a cruise to your favorite childhood spot. No matter what it is, your dad will appreciate it. Oh, and don’t forget the beer!

Editor's Note: This article was first published by Collin Morgan in the summer of 2020. Now, with the pandemic coming to an end (right?) we figured we'd update it for 2021 (and our new website) and get you shopping for things for your father... You might not have seen him for while now..

This article was compiled by the editors of LACar.

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