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screenshot from an email we received with a proposal to sell electric vehicles.

Would you buy one from us?

LACar Editor-At-Large Doug Stokes, after receiving an interesting proposal from an electric vehicle exporting firm based in China, ponders a world where LACar sells EVs.

By Doug Stokes

Sun, Jan 2, 2022 07:34 PM PST

Being a "mr." as well as an Editor-at-Large here at, I (breathlessly) read the following solicitation with great interest because, like almost all intense and serious car-stuff websites these days, a bit of a kick in the revenue department would be quite welcome, and spent on additional bells and whistles for the site. (... actual bells and whistles - the Party Depot in Monrovia is closing and there are some great deals to be had for the swift of foot!)

screenshot from the email that we received.
Screenshot of the first half of the email we received.

The idea of us hawking electric cars to our many followers seems quite viable here, but we do sort of need to ask you about it before we jump into the virtual e-dealership milieu. I think that there are some pretty good reasons, but we'll leave the decision to you (our friends and potential market for these pogues). A cash deposit will signify a positive response, and an "unsubscribe" will indicate that we have not yet broken your will to resist this offer.

"Minkauto (MingcheEra(Tianjin) Automobile Sales Co, Ltd.)  sounds like a pretty posh name and, as Echo tells us above: "... we are specializing in electric car exporting and is the export agent of several big electric vehicle brands. With the rare export qualification certified by the Ministry of Commerce in China, we will be very professional to supply the product you need and service you in all aspects."

That, friends and neighbors, is one pretty darn fair old sales pitch if ever I heard one.

The second half of the email.
The second half of the email we received.

We'll have more on this epic deal and the upcoming LACar ECar Virtual Emporium & Saloon Salon soon. For now, we think that shipping by Roro (comes from the old song: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat”) will be the best deal for potential customers (with the option of D-Luxe Seaside Delivery right here at the Port of Los Angeles in romantic San Pedro, only a few amps away from Hollywood, Disneyland, and Old Town Monrovia.)

Stay tuned for more, or send your $50,000.00 (non-refundable) deposit along a first, second, and (just to be safe) third choice on color and the optional WeatherTeck (that's TECK) "old world" (long-wearing sisal and jute) floor mats and burnished teak cup holder.

Electrified automobiles have become all the rage in California and we think that the custom is about to spread nationwide (as does our new best friend "Echo"). LACar stands ready to embrace the future whenever that occurs.

Thank you and Good Amperage to all!

PS:  We will be accepting our new semi-virtual (which look amazingly like 60's VW button hub caps) e-money recently named LACAIRBALLCOYN.

Editor's Note: Obviously, we aren't selling EVs, nor do we plan to in the nearest future.

Don't send us a check... Actually, scratch that... Feel free to send us a check, but DO NOT expect to receive an electric vehicle in return.

About The Author

Doug Stokes's profile picture

Doug Stokes

Doug has a long and wide-ranging history in the motoring business. He served five years as the Executive Director of the International Kart Federation, and was the PR guy for the Mickey Thompson's Off-Road Championship Gran Prix. He worked racing PR for both Honda and Suzuki and was a senior PR person on the first Los Angeles (Vintage) Grand Prix. He was also the first PR Manager for Perris Auto Speedway, and spent over 20 years as the VP of Communications at Irwindale Speedway. Stokes is the recipient of the American Autowriters and Broadcaster’s 2005 Chapman Award for Excellence in Public Relations and was honored in 2015 by the Motor Press Guild with their Dean Batchelor Lifetime Achievement Award. “… I’ve also been reviewing automobiles and books for over 20 years, and really enjoy my LA Car assignments.” he added.

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