President Roosevelt’s Limousine at the Petersen

The Petersen Museum is showing an inside look at President Roosevelt’s 1942 Lincoln Zephyr Presidential Limousine.

Presidential Limousines are famous for their high-tech and top-tier class. This 1942 edition is no different.

In celebration of President’s Day, the Petersen Automotive Museum released an in-depth look at the iconic 1942 Lincoln limo and its historical significance. Chief Historian at the Petersen Leslie Kendall hosts the virtual tour.

You can watch the tour here:

This historic vehicle is named after President Franklin D. Roosevelt and has been used by several of the nation’s top officials, including Presidents Harry Truman and George W. Bush.

The White House ordered the Lincoln Zephyr from Ford Motor Company to be entirely custom-built with heavy armoring, strong bulletproof glass, and thick steel plates under the floor to protect the president from any danger.

The 1942 Lincoln, which is now part of The Vault presented by Hagerty, represents a time in history where luxurious vehicles merged with wartime manufacturing to produce a stately limousine worthy of Presidential protection.

You can watch the virtual tour on the Petersen’s YouTube channel.


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