LACar #ExtravaganZa: Intro – Meet Hector, Local Z Fanatic

Hector Cademartori, resident Nissan Z enthusiast, takes us on a journey in celebration of the Z car’s 50th anniversary with this exclusive series.

Hector racing his Datsun, affectionately dubbed 'Ferratsun'
Hector racing his Datsun, affectionately dubbed ‘Ferratsun’.

Tune in on WedneZday to follow along with our ExtravaganZa series, celebrating 50 years of the Nissan Z cars! To see previous articles on the ExtravaganZa, click HERE!

To give a background on Hector, our Editor-In-Chief, Doug Stokes, put an introduction together for LACar’s Z Car expert.

The Nissan Z-model sports cars have always commanded great respect and have forever been on the receiving end of a lot of compliments and kudos from both the motoring press and the public …

Here our own author/artist Hector Cademartori offers his personal views about of one the latest books on the subject and favors us a couple of quick stories about the vaunted marque along with a couple of his illustrations of the most famous competition machines of the honored line.

By the way, Hector puts his butt where is money is (so to speak anyway) owning (“… more than two, but don’t tell Flori*”) Z-machines, and racing one of them in west coast vintage events as a respite from his work on both key and drawing boards.

His motorsports adventures with his vintage 240 also give him a chance host regular Argentine chimichuri luncheons at the track … Stop by, there’s always enough for one or two more. -DS

*his patient wife


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